Michael Blakey



Entertainment veteran Michael Blakey’s career spans over 25 years and includes extraordinary successes as a musician, producer, manager, promoter, and entertainment industry executive.

Robert Gandara


Chief Operating Officer

Robert Gandara has over 20 years of finance and operational experience in the music and live entertainment industries, including senior level positions at EMI Music, Sony BMG and Live Nation.

Tandon Noplos


Global Sales Director

Tandon has an extensive career reaching rare heights at the executive management level. He has managed talent across various industry segments and constructs unique ways of bringing fans and celebrities closer together.

Dave Little


Senior VIP Tour Manager

Dave Little has been a comedian, musician, and improviser for over 30 years.
He has run our VIP Meet & Greet events for Last Comic Standing, Il Volo, Trevor Noah, Frank Caliendo, Eddie Izzard, Ron White, and many others.

Katie Shall


Creative Director

Katya contributes her creativity and style to everything we do. She leads the team to create compelling graphics, signage, videos, websites, and other marketing assets, making sure that all our VIP programs have proper aesthetic impact on VIP fans and clients.

John O'Connell


Director of Tour Operations

 John’s wide range of experience includes 20+ years as a standup comedian, writer, feature film producer and touring event coordinator, bringing creativity, logistics and road-tested abilities to the OMG team.

Mariana Cong


VIP Tour Manager

Mariana has 8 years of experience in merchandising, PR, event production and management.
She has been the VIP tour manager for many years, touring with Maluma, Il Volo, Paramore, KISS, Jesse & Joy, Ricky Martin and others.