Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How do I order VIP tickets?

A1. Each artist at OMG! VIP has their own tour information page. To access information and links to purchase, click on “VIP Tickets,” which can be found at the top of our home page. Then, simply click on the you wish to see and you will be directed to that artist’s page. At the top of the page you will find information outlining what each purchasing option includes. Tour dates and locations will be listed with BUY links on the right side of the page.

Q2. What is the difference between purchasing a package and an upgrade?

A. Each of our “packages” includes a premium seat ticket, while our “upgrades” do not. While a separately purchased seat ticket is necessary, buying an upgrade allows fans to experience all of the VIP perks offered in our packages.

Q3. Why purchase an “Upgrade”?

A. Upgrades are made available for fans who have already purchased tickets to a show or event and want to upgrade to a having a VIP experience. Additionally, upgrades are a great option when our packages have sold out. Upgrades include the same exclusive items and perks included in a package, without a seat ticket. You will need to purchase a ticket to the show separately from the VIP Upgrade to enter the event as well as participate in any VIP activities.

Q4. What payment methods are accepted?

A. VIP packages are available for online purchase only. All major credit cards are accepted. If you are purchasing from outside of the United States, we suggest contacting your financial institution or credit card company for assistance in completing the purchase.

Q5. Can I buy packages as a gift for someone else?

A. Absolutely, we have many customers who purchase VIP packages as gifts for family, friends, and business clients. After completing your purchase, please contact us via email at with the subject line: “NAME CHANGE – [Artist] – [Date of show] – [Location of show]” at least one week prior to the show. In the email, please include your name, the name of the person who will be attending, and an order number if applicable. Please note, name change requests made after one week prior can not always be honored due to timing constraints.

Q6. How will I receive my tickets?

A. Ticket delivery will vary from artist to artist. If you purchase tickets directly from a venue or artist website, directions for obtaining tickets should be included on these sites. You will not need a physical ticket to partake in VIP events, as your name will be on a VIP list at the event

Q7. My package includes exclusive merchandise. How will I receive my package items?

A. VIP merchandise will either be shipped to you (5-10 days post-show) or will be distributed at the show. We will email all customers in advance either requesting a mailing address or giving specific instructions as to how to receive your merchandise at the show.

Q8. My package includes VIP activities like a “Meet and Greet” at the show. When will I receive the details?

A. You will receive a detailed itinerary 3-5 days prior to show date. This itinerary will be sent via email to the email address you provided when you made the purchase.

Q9. Are there any age restrictions for VIP packages?

A. Most events do not have age restrictions. On occasion an event may be held at a club or casino, in which case the age may be 21+ only. OMG! VIP complies with the rules and regulations of each venue. Please contact the venue directly for more information about age restriction policies.

Q10. My child or guest is a minor. Do I need to buy a VIP package to escort them to the VIP activities?

A. Yes. Guests ages 12 and under will need to be accompanied by an adult. Accompanying adults must also purchase a VIP package in order to chaperone minors to the VIP activities. Guests between the ages of 13-15 may attend the VIP activities without an adult, but, an adult must check the guest in with the VIP host. Only one adult is required to check in all guests.

Q12. How can I contact OMG! VIP?

A. You can contact customer service at: Please include as much detail as possible including full name, artist, show date, show location, package level, and your questions or request.

Q13: Are the seats included in VIP packages handicap/ wheelchair accessible?

A. Wheelchair accessibility will vary from venue to venue. Please contact the venue directly to inquire about VIP seating. If our seats are not accommodating, we recommend that you purchase a seat ticket through the venue in addition to one of our VIP upgrades. If you don’t see a VIP upgrade available for the show you’re attending, please email us and we will create an upgrade option for you.

Q14: I require the assistance of a caretaker/ attendant; will they be able to accompany me inside the “Meet and Greet” event?

A. Yes. We generally require that each attendee have a VIP ticket with the exception of a caretaker or attendant. An additional VIP package is not required for them to accompany you into the M&G event.

Q15: Where and when will I see the photos taken at the VIP event?

A. Photos will be accessible online through our website. From our homepage, click “Photos” at the top of the page, then choose your artist, and click “View Photos” to the right of the date and location of the show you attended. Photos are uploaded 1-3 days after the show, if not sooner.

Q16: Can I bring a personal item into the “Meet and Greet” for the artist to sign?

A. Unfortunately, due to time constraints we prohibit VIPs from bringing personal items to be signed.

Q17: Can I bring a gift for the artist?

A. Yes, but please be aware of each venue’s policy on what is allowed inside.