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Randy Rainbow

Exclusive Merchandise

RR_Black Say Gay Hoodie

“Say Gay” Hoodie


RR_Black Tour Tee

Black Tour Tee


RR_Pink Tour Tee

Pink Tour Tee


RR- Say Gay Tote

“Say Gay” Canvas Tote


RR- Cartoon Tote

Tour Canvas Tote


Signature Pink Reading Glasses

Signature Pink Glasses



 Playing With Myself

Unsigned – $25

Signed – $60


A Little Brains, A Little Talent

Unsigned – $25

Signed – $60

RR Black Bedazzled Sunglasses Tee

Black Bedazzled Sunglasses Tee


RR Black Bedazzled Name Tee

Black Bedazzled Name Tee


RR Blue Tee (Super Callous..) Braggadocious Tee

Blue Super Callous Tee


Purple Tee Im Gay T- Shirt

Purple Im Gay Tee


RR Purple Cut the Shit Tee

Purple Cut The Shit Tee



Black Hat


RR Socks

Pink Glasses Socks


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